Beaverton Beavers Youth Lacrosse is a volunteer run organization dedicated to providing organized recreational and competitive lacrosse play to girls and boys in the Beaverton High School area.

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Registration is now OPEN for the Beaverton Youth Lacrosse (BYL) 2021 season!


Registration is open for:

-co-ed clinics for grades K-2

-boys’ teams and girls’ teams in grade divisions: 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8. 


Given the uncertainties around the structure of the season, we are opening registration at $0


Participants are required to have a USLacrosse membership ($30) that is valid through at least June 5.  Verify the status of membership through the USLacrosse website ( or when you register, the process will check for you. You will be prompted to exit the registration and visit USLacrosse to renew the membership if it is not current.   


Early registration will help us greatly to establish our roster numbers and form teams.  We have offered the $0 registration fee to help support this effort.  Once we know how the seasons will be structured for the different age groups, we will update the registration costs accordingly.  We have set up a partnership with TVLax so that all players who are registered will play on a team. 


We anticipate the youth season to begin in mid-April and run through end May.  When possible, we will provide Return to Play resources and anticipated season schedule/structure via a follow up email. 

There are a lot of established guidance for COVID-19 protocols and safety measures for safely playing lacrosse.  We must comply with all OHA and other applicable guidelines:


-Players are to be masked AT ALL TIMES, including practices and games.  

-For boys, there may be modify contact as needed to comply with the then-current regulations. 

-Players will need to complete a health screening questionnaire prior to practice/games.

-Spectators may not be allowed given the limiting number of people on a field (50).  

-We will also have a signatory document that commits families and players to follow applicable COVID-19 protocols.  

-We will only play clubs who adhere to the same measures as BYL and will work with TVYLax to make sure the expectations are consistent for all clubs.


We are also looking for more volunteers to help us with the coordination and coaching of teams in our club.  There are many ways to help.  If you have any interest in growing youth lacrosse in our community, please reach out.